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Tips for creating your own Prompt for the Planet submission

•  PDF, JPEG, PNG, and MP4 files preferred.
•  High quality photos are usually large files, so the bigger the better.
•  Preferred photo size: 1080px x 1080px and larger
•  If shooting video with your phone, make sure you are filming in landscape versus portrait, (so not in selfie mode).
•  Include a recycled element into your submission (a picture cut from a magazine, newspaper text, an old train ticket, the wrapper from a plastic water bottle, etc.).
•  You’re an artist.  Maybe not Picasso, but you can draw, cut, paste, and design, I promise.  Be open to the idea that this may feel like you’re doing an art project from elementary school. Embrace that.
•  Using 8”x 8” size paper is a lot less intimidating than an 8.5” x 11”. Use square-sized paper. •  Can’t think of an element? Take a pause. Reflect. Remember, it can be anything. An object, a place, a feeling, a natural resource. Think of the biggest problem you see in the world today.  What are the nouns associated with it?  What feelings does it create?
•  Be careful not to give voice to another person or group of people.  Instead, focus your piece on the truly voiceless things that make up our world.
•  Include at least your first name, age, and hometown (city, state, country) with your submission.